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Featured Researcher – Birendra Karna

Learn about Birendra Karna, one of IFRI’s long standing researchers.

20th January 2015 Comments Off on Featured Researcher – Birendra Karna

Featured Researcher- Ashwini Chhatre

Ashwini, a long-time IFRI researcher, has contributed to both the growth and streamlining of the IFRI data collection protocols.

7th March 2014 Comments Off on Featured Researcher- Ashwini Chhatre

Featured Researcher- Heather McGee

Heather McGee joined IFRI as a post doctoral research fellow in February 2013. Her research focuses on development, decentralization, and other areas of natural resource governance. She is currently working on two main research projects for IFRI. One is a …

10th July 2013 Comments Off on Featured Researcher- Heather McGee

Featured Researcher- Christoph Nolte

Christoph Nolte is a PhD candidate at the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment. His research examines the impact and cost-effectiveness of conservation projects. Specifically, his thesis focuses on the effectiveness of protected area support projects in …

10th April 2013 Comments Off on Featured Researcher- Christoph Nolte

Featured Researcher- Jodi Brandt

Jodi Brandt joined IFRI a postdoctoral research fellow in November 2012. Jodi’s primary objective is to identify strategies for how to conserve biodiversity in a rapidly changing world.  Her main approach is to measure land-use and land cover change from …

4th March 2013 Comments Off on Featured Researcher- Jodi Brandt

Featured Reseacher- Peter Newton

Peter Newton is a postdoctoral research fellow with IFRI, based at the University of Michigan CRC since January 2012. He received his undergraduate degree in Zoology from the University of Cambridge, UK and his M.Sc. and Ph.D. both from the …

23rd January 2013 Comments Off on Featured Reseacher- Peter Newton

Featured Researcher – Catherine Tucker

Catherine Tucker is a longtime IFRI researcher, who serves as an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Anthropology at Indiana University. She is also an Associate Faculty member of the Center for Study of Institutions, Population and Environmental …

11th September 2012 Comments Off on Featured Researcher – Catherine Tucker