...exploring how people shape the world's forests


In addition to the research staff at the 14 IFRI CRCs, a large number of researchers are working, or have worked, with IFRI data. They include:

Krister Andersson, University of Colorado

Jodi Brandt, Dartmouth College

Robin Chazdon, University of Connecticut

Ashwini Chhatre, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaigne

Eric Coleman, Florida State University

Tom Evans, Indiana University

Franz Gatzweiler, University of Bonn

Reem Hajjar, Oregon State University

Tanya Hayes, Seattle University

Pam Jagger, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Maria-Claudia Lopez, University of Colorado

Heather McGee, USAID

Peter Newton, University of Colorado, Boulder

Christoph Nolte, Stanford University

Johan Oldekop, University of Sheffield

Lauren Persha, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Jesse Ribot, University of Illinois

Carl Salk, University of Colorado

Catherine Tucker, Indiana University