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Thailand – RUPAFOR

Edward L. Webb and Ganesh Shivakoti launched the Center for the Study of Rural Populations and Forest Resources (RUPAFOR) at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in 1999.   The center is located in Bangkok, Thailand.

RUPAFOR is training masters, doctoral students, and visiting scholars at the School of Environment, Resources, and Development in IFRI methodology. They conduct IFRI research throughout the broader Asian region served by AIT. Already, students have carried out studies in Bhutan and Nepal, as well as Thailand.

Every two years they offer an official IFRI training course for 8 weeks.  They have 3 training sites where students learn how to collect data using the IFRI methodology.  In 2009 the first site will be revisited.

For further information, contact Edward L. Webb (ewebb@ait.ac.th) or Ganesh Shivakoti (ganesh@ait.ac.th) or visit www.serd.ait.ac.th/nrm/.  The RUPAFOR site will be added soon to this link.

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