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Below is a collection of publications by IFRI, organized by date. Click on titles for abstracts and links to the complete documents.

Enhancing the Sustainability of Commodity Supply Chains in Tropical Forest and Agricultural Landscapes

Newton, P., A. Agrawal, L. Wollenberg. 2013. Global Environmental Change

Interventions For Achieving Sustainability In Tropical Forest And Agricultural Landscapes

Newton, P., A. Agrawal, and L. Wollenberg. 2013. CAPRi Working Paper No. 110

Governance Regime And Location Influence Avoided Deforestation Success Of Protected Areas In The Brazilian Amazon

Nolte, C., A. Arawgwal, K. Silvius, and B. Soares-Filho. 2013. PNAS Early Edition

Social And Ecological Synergy: Local Rulemaking, Forest Livelihoods, And Biodiversity Conservation

Persha, L., A. Agrawal, and A. Chhatre. 2011. Science 331, 1606

Biodiversity Conservation and Livelihoods in Human-Dominated Landscapes: Forest Commons in South Asia

Persha, L., H. Fischer, A. Chhatre, A. Aragwal, and C. Benson. 2010. Biological Conservation 143(12):2918-2925

Parks, People, And Forest Protection: An Institutional Assessment Of The Effectiveness Of Protected Areas

Hayes, T. 2010. Biological Conservation 34(12): 2065-2074

Seventeen Emerging Local Economic And Social Dynamics Shaping East African Forest Landscapes

Abwoli, B., M.Buyinza, E. Luoga, and P. Ongugo. 2009. Forests and Society- Responding to Global Drivers of Change. 315-333

Local Governments And Rural Developments: Comparing Lessons From Brazil, Chile, Mexico And Peru

Andersson, K., G. Gordillo de Anda, and F. van Laerhoven. 2009. The University of Arizona Press. Tuscon, Arizona

Common Property Water Resources: Dependence And Institutions In India’s Villages

Mishra, A., N. Nayak, R. Ghate, and P. Mukhopahya. 2008. TERI Press- The Energy and Resources Institute. New Delhi, India

Decentralization, Forests And Rural Communities: Policy Outcomes In South And Southeast Asia

Webb, E., and G. P. Shivakoti. 2008. Sage Publications

Improving Democracy Assistance: Building Knowledge Through Evaluations and Research

Gibson, C., 2008. Committee on Evaluation of USAID Democracy Assistance Programs, National Research Council of the Academies

Fourteen Years Of Monitoring Community-Managed Forests: Learning From IFRI’s Experience

Wollenberg, E., L. Merino, A. Agrawal, and E. Ostrom. 2007. International Forestry Review, 9(2):670-684

Local Enforcement and Better Forests

Gibson, C., J. Williams, and E. Ostrom. 2005. World Development 33(2): 273-284

Heterogeneity, Group Size And Collective Action: The Role Of Institutions In Forest Management

Poteete, A., and E. Ostrom. 2004. Development and Change 35(3): 435–461