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ForestAction hosts and coordinates the Nepal CRC of IFRI. ForestAction has collected data for more than 43 sites, and has completed 15 second revisits, and two third visits.

ForestAction is a non-profit and self-governed civil society organization working in the field of forestry, agriculture and climate change. Since its inception in 2000, ForestAction has been engaged in livelihood support, local democracy, grassroots institutional development and strengthening, and policy advocacy through action research, policy analysis, networking and direct field operations. It has a vision of an environmentally sustainable society free from poverty and injustice, accomplished by transforming policies and institutions relating to the poverty-environment nexus. Working with the research community, civil society groups and government agencies, ForestAction adopts an interactive approach to policy research and development to build a deliberative and collaborative environment. In the past ten years, it has expanded considerably in the scale and diversity of its work, publications, partnership base, funding portfolios, and organizational capacity to become a national centre of excellence and a regionally well-recognized actor in social research, analysis, impact evaluation, and policy processes, along with a strong international knowledge network. Its mission is to induce and accelerate social change in the field of environmental resources governance through knowledge based advocacy. ForestAction communicates, encourages and supports resource dependent communities through innovations and strives to accelerate the process of social change.

For more information, contact Birendra Karna (birendra@forestaction.org) or Naya Sharma Paudel (naya@forestaction.org). You can also view their website.

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