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FLARE Planning Meeting, March 11, 2015


DCMeeting2IFRI held a planning meeting for the community of practice, Forests & Livelihoods: Assessment, Research, Engagement , in Washington D.C., generously hosted by Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI). The meeting was attended by IFRI researchers, as well as esteemed representatives from academic, NGO/thinktank, and intergovernmental institutions.  The meeting provided an opportunity to leverage knowledge and brainstorm about (1) the goals and purpose of our developing community of practice, and (2) the organizations and individuals we would like to attract.

Participants discussed the extent to which current communities of practice had similar foci (natural resources and biodiversity, poverty and livelihoods), whether they aimed to include researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers, and what activities they engage in. The group concluded that there was indeed a need and a niche for FLARE. In particular, the aims of (1) linking multiple stakeholders/constituencies, and (2) creating, using, and disseminating data, tools, and products related to impact assessments of forest and livelihood interventions were conceived of as attractive and important elements of the FLARE.