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Suhyun Jung

Profile_JungSuhyun joined IFRI as a postdoctoral research fellow in the fall of 2015 after he completed his PhD in the department of Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota. Through his research as an environmental and development economist, he aims to contribute to achieving sustainable development and balancing tradeoffs between economic development and environmental conservation. His current research at IFRI investigates the impacts of land transactions and conservation projects on environmental and livelihood outcomes in developing countries including Brazil, Liberia, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. He is also involved in a research project exploring how endowments and access to natural resources affect rural households’ adaptation to climate change in India. He is just as passionate about teaching as much as he is about his research. He has taught both undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Minnesota and at the University of St. Thomas. He loves to bring his research examples into the classroom hoping to motivate them to apply classroom contents to real world problems.


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