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Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson _ webpage photoSarah joined IFRI as a DOW postdoctoral fellow in Fall 2015. A forest geographer with a background in ecology and ethnography, she aims to identify ways to maximize forest recovery and conservation in rural landscapes while enhancing the sustainability of people’s livelihoods. She has worked with community-based forest restoration and conservation enterprises in montane cloud forests in Andean Ecuador and the Nepalese Himalaya, and in lowland jungle in Guatemala’s Peten.  A recipient of the prestigious L’Oreal Women in Science Mentorship Award, she is also dedicated to environmental and science education: leading students on treks in New Hampshire, training educators to teach through Let’s Talk Science, the Tomlinson Teaching Project, and the Network of Conservation Educators and Practitioners. Sarah’s most recent teaching contributions have been founding and developing a graduate-undergraduate mentoring program in McGill’s Geography department, conceiving programming for an experiential science camp to be launched at McGill in 2016, and developing an education plan for the Brooklyn Bridge Forest.


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