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“The emergence of adaptive governance arrangements for tropical forest ecosystems

The Project:

a. In July and August 2012, Carl Salk from Univ. of Colorado, Glen Wright from Univ. of Alaska and Joana Stefanska from the Intern. Inst. For Applied Systems Analysis, Austria pretested the instruments and methodology to be used on the above project. One IFRI site was revisited.
b. In July to Sept. 2013, Carl Salk from Inst. Of Behavioral Science Univ. of Colorado, Joana Stefanska and Maria Claudia Lopez from Michigan State Univ. conducted two weeks training in PES experimental games
c. UFRIC team together with Carl Salk, revisited 4 IFRI sites and collected PES data from 8 groups of people adjacent to the four IFRI sites. Full IFRI forms used. Prof. Robin Chazdon from Univ. of Connecticut participated in one site
d. Similar work on 16 sites is continuing up to March 2014 using the new shortened version of IFRI forms.

Echuya Afromontane forest (IFRI and PES study)

 Playing PES games by Echuya forest adjacent community

Playing PES games by Echuya forest adjacent community